sâmbătă, 21 mai 2011

Miscari ample de protest impotriva sistemului, in Spania

O miscare ampla a spaniolilor a inceput de cateva zile. Se numeste Toma la Plaza (ocupati piata).

De notat ca aceasta miscare sociala - numita si "Los indignados" - nu a fost initiata de niciun partid politic sau de sindicate.
Miscarea are un puternic caracter anti - capitalist.

Tinerii au ocupat pietele centrale din orasele Spaniei, intr-un val de indignare fata de stagnarea economica si de masurile de austeritate promovate de guvern.

Incepand de marti, acest mozaic de tineri si de cetateni de toate varstele si pregatirile, someri, studenti, pensionari, salariati, au ocupat Puerta del Sol, in plin centrul Madridului.

"Vom ramane pe pozitii. Nu este vorba de o manifestatie, ci de o miscare cetateneasca", spune Juan Lopez, un somer in varsta de 30 de ani si unul dintre purtatorii de cuvant al miscarii alternative intitulate Toma la plaza (Ocupati piata), citat de AFP.


Declaratia de principii, in engleza

We have come here voluntarily and by free will. After the 15th of May demonstrations we have decided to remain united and grow in numbers on our fight for dignity. We do not represent any political party and they do not represent us.
We are united on our rage, our discomfort, our precarious life which is derived by inequality but, above all, what keeps us together is our will for change. We are here because we want a new society that puts our life on top any political or economic interest. We feel crushed by the capitalist economy, we feel excluded from the present political system which does not represent us. We are striking for a radical change in society. And, above all, we aim at keeping society as the sole driver of this transformation.
They thought we were asleep. They thought they could carry on cutting our rights without finding any resistance. But they were wrong: we are fighting – peacefully, but with determination – for the life we deserve.
We have learned from Cairo, Iceland and Madrid.
Now it’s time to extend the fight and spread the word.

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