duminică, 19 februarie 2012

Competita limitata

The animal kingdom follows a law of nature for witch man seems to feel exempt. A good example is; A leopard will eat baboons. A baboon though is more than formidable enough to defend itself against a leopard, may attack a leopard pre-emptively once it comes into view, but it will not hunt leopard to extinction or even walk outside its territory to attack one. Another example; You find a bee hive in an apple tree. If you get too close to the hive, the bees may attack. If you pick an apple on the other side of the tree, they most likely won't do anything. Animals don't have the notion of vengeince, they only will attack in self defense or hunger. The bees in my story do not feel they own the tree, only their hive. The baboons don't want to destroy their preditors. They naturally live by a law of limited competition. In order for man to coexist with, instead of destroy nature, we must choose to obey this natural law. Capitalism, authoritarianism, imperialism, and other alienating social ambiance, break this natural law of limited competition.

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