vineri, 7 octombrie 2011

You are not free

"You are not free. You are a domesticated animal conditioned not to trust yourself, not to trust your passion, taught to control your experience of life. You have been tricked into accepting the humiliation of working for pay as an inescapable reality, taught to see things as personal resources to be used up, while measuring your life's worth by levels of production and consumption. You have been conditioned to expect disappointment and suffering, to see it as normal. You have been brainwashed into accepting the tedium of civilized survival rather than the easy fulfillment of a natural life. You are not free. You must break society's conditioning, its control over you, so that it becomes a role you can play to survive in the midst of civilization, as you undermine it every chance you get. The humiliation of having to follow someone else's rules, of having to sell your life away by the hour in order to purchase survival, of seeing you usurped desires transformed into digital images used to sell you commodities, this should fill you with rage. Try and explore the extent to which you can live freely without isolating yourself and the rage will grow. Explore outside the lines, the rules, and you will automatically expose civilization's inherent opposition to the freedom it claims to defend. Dare to destroy whatever destroys your passion. Dare to become an individual. Dare to truly be free." —The Big Black Book of Recovery, page 181 (The Day Philosophy Dies)

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