marți, 12 ianuarie 2010

Tribute to the heroes

Bill Hicks

Bill Hicks is a legend; He was a stand up comedian. He used tell jokes about some of the most serious issues in life whether it was political, spiritual or religious. Very smart guy that used to give out truth about the world in his jokes but make it really funny at the same time because he knew this was a powerful way to get the message across, take it or leave it and he didn’t care whatsoever about what people thought. He was banned from TV shows and sometimes wasn’t allowed to be on air because of the stuff he was saying. Through his tough times trying to get the word out and trying to change our collective unconscious he died in 1994.

David Icke

I think David Icke is one of the most fascinating guys alive today. I have read some of his books including Infinite love is the only truth, The Biggest Secret and I Am Me, I Am Free. He had amazing books with a lot of fascinating facts and insights to the most troubling issues on this planet today going back into ancient times. This is a guy who has done his homework for many years, I admire David immensely due to the fact that he is one of the most laughed at guys in the world but his determination and courage still stays strong, regardless of how much he is laughed at or ridiculed, his ability to be fearless and go out and do what is necessary on a global scale. This guy has been labelled "crazy" by the media and government which has then been a belief that has been put into people’s heads so they don’t read his books. David’s fan base has been rapidly increasing over the years as many people spontaneously wake up and are lead to his books. His books are excellent and with some of the most un-denying facts and proof of what he says, I recommend his books and his speeches to anyone who is interested. Despite the amount of ridicule and troubles David has had trying to release his work he's still trying his best to spread the word to people who want to hear without having the fear of what others think.

Alex Jones

Alex Jones is a great guy, He does a lot of research into the government and the global elite, He tries his best to expose the New World Order and get the facts to the public. He only releases information based on the facts and proof he has and does a very good job, What makes him a hero mostly is that he has been the only person to infiltrate Bohemian Grove and escape with video footage of the ritual and other things that go on there, All though he is a Christian and gets angry a lot but he is very good at what he does and he is very smart in terms of standing up to politicians and governmental people. His research and the ability to put it into action is incredible, he is a very informed guy to everything that goes on politically and has stopped the patriot act being introduced in over four states in the US.

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