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Recalling our power- by Mary Croft

Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian art by which we discover that we are 100% responsible for every experience of our lives. By taking 100% responsibility we can erase programming, data, memories, and beliefs, in order to get closer to Zero.

We are constantly living in our memories. We can never experience anything as ‘new’ and our ability to “Be Here Now” is prevented. Ho’oponopono allows the Divinity within us to erase the memories which are causing us to react to all information, persons, and situations.

Everything but “peace” is a memory! This means that all ‘negative’ thoughts, annoying circumstances, disease, our reaction to people, and everything, other than peace of mind, is a memory. The conscious mind is capable of processing only 15 bits of the 11 million bits of information we perceive subconsciously, every second. It is idiocy to think that we know what is going on in the world.

Not only do we not know anything but also we have no need to know anything. The desire for information and knowledge is our conscious mind/ego’s desire to remain in control. But, that’s impossible because it cannot process the vast amount of information with which we are presented every second.

Those whom we meet in commercial situations – cops, judges, bankers, et al – are only there for us to realize that we must clean on our memory, traumas, beliefs . Blaming them only further empowers them and disempowers us.

The solution is within ourselves and no amount of knowledge, processes, information, remedies, etc. can relieve us of the horrors which we have all suffered, by our own memories. We must quit listening to others, reading, learning, or studying commercial “solutions”.
But, notice that the propaganda is designed to keep our attention on healing the mirror image (world) and away from healing ourselves.  It is the global elitists’ way of saying, “Look over here, at the image, so that you will not look to the source.
That which appears to be going on in the world is really only a result of what is going on in the mind. The only place our attention ought to be is on us and ‘cleaning on’ those memories which are preventing us from experiencing peace. There is no authority outside of us. We are the authority.

We must stop giving our memories our power. They are what keeps us from living our lives. Everything in our lives which pains us is always, only a result of our memory.
The concept of A Course In Miracles: We are three minds: the ego, the spirit, and the one who chooses to which one to listen. We must learn to chose ‘spirit’/Divinity to be the one to dictate our actions and experiences.

Most are seeking more information, hence, I want LESS information. I want to unplug; I want less on my mind, tune into the frequency of my Divinity, turn on to who I really am: an innocent who has no knowledge of the world,.
In meditation, we strive to get to “no thought”. My ego does not want me to meditate because it thrives on my attention and, to the ego, my not paying attention to it means ‘death’. It will do anything to hold my attention, keep me thinking its thoughts, and holding its beliefs. It doesn’t care whether these beliefs are negative or positive, as long as it has the authority, over me, on what to believe. Thoughts themselves are the problem. So, the cliché, “think positive” is a hazardous concept. We do not have thoughts; thoughts have us. When we can reach neutrality, we are FREE.

The four phrases of Ho’oponopono allow us to be responsible for all our thoughts, feelings, behaviour, problems, relationships, actions and reactions, circumstances, and even the opportunities which come our way:

I love you (I love you, Divinity, which is all of us and everything)
I’m sorry (I’m sorry for bringing, to this situation or this divine being, my memories which are assessing the circumstances and influencing my experience.)
Please forgive me (Please forgive me for bringing my memories, judgements, fear, information, traumas, ‘knowledge’, data, ‘facts’, and opinions of the ‘there and then’ into the Here and Now.)
Thank you (It is done. So be it)

These phrases encompass love, correction, forgiveness, and gratitude.
This is all we require to live in love and peace

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