duminică, 27 iunie 2010

Consumul - manipularea semnificatiilor

Thus, signs have lost any connection with what they used to refer to. We have shifted from the order of production (capitalism) to the order of simulacra (postcapitalism), where signs, and thus the whole system as well, are self-referential. They do not refer to anything that is ‘outside’ as was in the case of the Weberian spirit of capitalism, a calling by God.
Figuratively speaking, postcapitalism could be described using terms connected to religious studies.
There is a whole set of beliefs that ‘explains’ the reality: for example, capitalism is the best of systems, an individual can only be free and happy in capitalism, the one “who works hard, will get
there.” There are also doctrines: the right to own, the free market, the freedom of entrepreneurship. There are places of worship: shopping malls, banks, financial centres, or television programmes devoted only to the economy.
There are organizations and institutes: G8, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), World Bank (WB), International Monetary Fund (IMF). Finally, there is the area of sacrum: the “Invisible Hand of the Market”; and virtual money, the “wealth.”

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