marți, 25 mai 2010

Greatest gunfight of the century

Greatest standoff ever. One of the best ending ever, a great classic movie.This is THE MOVIE
Lee Van Cleef was awesome, a human gargoyle. It's amazing the bird cawing in the distance during the pause in the music, great sound editing.
Lee Van Cleef died in '89 of a heart attack. He also was a wonderful artist. He mostly painted landscapes. He was terrific in the movie "The Big Gundown". He was the star. He was once no. 1 box office star in Europe. He made quite a few "spaghetti westerns" there.
Lee Van Cleef lost the tip of that finger while making a doll house for his daughter. He made many movies, was in plenty of tv shows. Clint Eastwood actually gave Lee the nickname "Angel Eyes".

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